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Actor Tom Truong

His majesty the King Cuong Vi Truong born September 15, 1982 in Vietnam. His family and him immigrated to America in 1994 when he was only 12 years old. After Cuong Vi Truong discovered these strange coincidence prophecies in this world. He created a Jesus Christ reincarnated character name "Actor Tom Truong" for his upcoming real life horror movie: 
Jesus Christ reborn: The Second Coming of Christ. This movie is currently playing live and is coming soon to a theater near you. Warning: Viewers might actually die in it!

Movie Trailer:

Starring a few high ranking Demons from hell:
Interesting Facts:

  • Fact: The coming of Christ will be visible to all. "Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." —Matthew 24:30

  • Here's the hidden cryptic Jewish prophecies. Cuong Vi Truong in Jewish Gematria.

    • The name Cuong Vi Truong is exactly 13 characters that reveal to you the 13 inbred evil European bloodlines of the Illuminati. The word 'characters' in the sentence above doesn't mean an alphabet character, it represents the word 'bloodlines'. There are 13 characters in the name as in there are 13 inbred evil European bloodlines. Each bloodline of the 13 inbred evil bloodlines is a symbol of a clown (a clown is a symbol of the Devil's minion). There are 13 inbred evil European bloodlines aka 13 clowns (not 13 individuals, but 13 evil bloodlines) that serve the devil. Those 13 clowns formed a cult known as 'The Devil worshipers cult'. Still confused about clowns?

    King of kings and Lord of lords

    Facts in history:
    George Rapp predicted that Jesus Christ second coming is on September 15, 1829. George's prediction was close, he just got the last 4 digits of the year arranged in the wrong order.
    The Great Merlin's prophecy: "On September 15, 1829, the three and one half years of the Sun Woman would end and Christ would begin his reign on earth."

    Note: The Devil worshipers cult Illuminati destroyed the prophet George Rapp.

    Translation of that fact:
    Some people refer to the "Sun Woman" as America because America is considered to be a "She"; America is the whore of Babylon; America is currently owned by the Devil worshipers cult known as the Illuminati. Some others might say that the "Sun Woman" could means the Luciferian Queen of the Illuminati, the Egyptian Pharoah Queen Elizabeth II (aka The Countess Dracula ; The Queen of the damned); a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler aka Count Dracula; the All Mighty Supreme Ruler of 16 Satanic countries. Behold, the product of her creations and more to come.)

    Side Note: Some people say that George Rapp looks like Merlin.

    Side Note: The great Merlin left behind a legacy on Earth. He wrote a book called "Thoughts on the Destiny of Man"

    "For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." —Matthew 24:27
    Translation of this Funny Fact:
    Modern day translation: In today's world & technology it would be the air plane traveling really fast carrying actor Tom Truong from East to West (as in when he immigrated from Asia to America when he was only 12 years old.)

    Fact: God left physical sign in the planet Earth's land.

    The Divine Ruler Cuong Vi Truong happened to be born in Vietnam. That Country Vietnam just happen to have a shape of the letter "S" which stands for Son of God.  After he immigrate from the east to the west also known as America. He grow up in America. You then see a bigger letter "S" shape which represent North & South America. It also represent the Son of God grew up in America. Most people do not know that God left a hidden message in Earth's land to let people know that the Son of God will grow up in America.

    Fact: If reincarnation is true then Actor Tom Truong is Jesus Christ. This is according to "The Book of Mormon" "Third Nephi" son of Nephi Chapter 9 verse 15 ( 9:15 )
    Note: The Book of Mormon is about Jesus Christ coming to America.
    The 9:15 verse saids:
    Behold, I am Jesus Christ the Son of God.
    (About the Book of Mormon: Joseph Smith Jr. said that when he was seventeen years of age an angel of God, named Moroni, appeared to him and said that a collection of ancient writings, engraved on golden plates by ancient prophets, was buried in a nearby hill in Wayne County, New York. Source: Wikipedia)

    The 1st letter of his last name resembles a cross (letter "t" †ruong)

    Cuong Vi Truong's very ancient royal bloodline:
    Cuong Vi Truong biological mother family is the Tran Dynasty.
    Cuong Vi Truong biological father family ancestors chinese character symbol is: 

    Fact: God created a letter "M" inside my palm so that when I grew up on Earth, I would be able to decipher it. According to religion if you inverse the cross upside down you get the symbol of the antichrist. Or, if you inverse the letter M upside down. You will get the name of the Antichrist "W" for "William Windsor". You will also find these hidden letter "M" and "W" in all financial markets such as: Stock Market charts, Forex Market charts, ect... What's after the letter "M" in the financial market chart is price starts to go up. Which represent the idea of ascending to Heaven. What's after the letter "W" in the financial market chart is price starts to fall, which represent the idea of falling to Hell.

    God knows that the devil worshipers rigged the financial markets. God allows it, because money never existed since the beginning of time. God knows that money is not really a sign of Evil, it is how people use Money is what determine their choice of Good or Evil. Money just happen to be the biggest tool, manipulated by the Devil worshipers to control mankind. However, God also made a divine law so that every financial market charts must have a letter M, or W in them. Of course, the letter "M" or "W" are invisible to the human eyes. You can only see those hidden letters using your mind. This is his way of reminding mankind of their intention for Good or Evil. Remember, the devil worshipers will try to manipulate the market, but they will never be able to break God's divine law. I guess you can say that the secret to making money in the Stock Market or the Forex Market is literally in the palm of your hand.

    Fact:  Both Prince Harry & Prince William of UK have the same birthday as his majesty the King Cuong Vi Truong as in 9/15/82. Prince Harry birthday September 15th, prince William born in 1982. The Luciferian Prince Charles yanked Prince William out of Princess Diana's womb early before he was born, The Devil was not able to send his son's soul to bind into Prince William's body fully, the evil spirit split into half. That's why Prince Harry was born later. Both Prince William & Prince Harry are the anti-christs. Their souls are the souls of The Sons of Satan. They are born in the Luciferian Illuminati bloodline. They are the opposite end of my spectrum. The future Luciferian King Dracula Charles Windsor is extremely proud and happy for producing the Sons of Satan as his heirs. In the old days, the devil worshipers used space constellations to do witchcraft, and try to communicate with the devil. After centuries of devil worshiping & summoning Satan using black magic and babies sacrifice rituals. Satan acknowledged them. Satan sent a hidden message in stars, the birth of Prince William is on June 21, 1982. The space constellation at the time and year of his birth was: "Taurus" as in (The Bull). The horns of the Bull foreshadows Satan's horns. Prince William's stars are near the planet Jupiter. Prince Harry's birthday is on September 15, 1984. The space constellation in the sky during the time and year of Harry's birth was "Aries" (The Ram), It's another hidden message in stars from Satan. The Ram's horns foreshadows Satan's Horns. After King Charles, in about 40+ years from now, Prince Harry or Prince William will become the future Luciferian King of the devil worshipers cult Illuminati. One of the sons of Satan will inherit the Satanic crown & the Kingdom of Satan that's currently own by Queen Dracula 'The Egyptian Pharaoh Elizabeth II'. The Illuminati is a cult designed with intention to worship Satan, everything else about the Illuminati is designed to distract the rest of humanity from Satan's worshipers true evil deeds on Earth which is world wide "Genocide".

    Fact: On September 15, 1982. At the time and year of my birth, the constellation in space was LEO as in (the Lion 'King'). The stars are near the planet "Venus". Check out this hidden message from god. The movie was released in the year 1994, it was the same year that Cuong Vi Truong immigrated to America aka the land of Satan (owned by the Devil worshipers cult illuminati).

    Here's a bible passage: "Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." —Matthew 24:30

    Here's a hidden cryptic Jewish prophecies.

    Fact in history:
    The founder and first leader of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, noted in his journal that Leonids was a literal fulfillment of the word of God and a sure sign that the coming of Christ is close at hand.

    Fact in history:
    The box office on September 15, 1982 is not listed there. However in the month of September 1982. "ET" was the top movie playing in the box office. It was a hidden message that God is an illegal alien from outer space and that he has created many species in the galaxies.

    The devil worshipers cult illuminati created democracy countries, communist countries and third world countries to enslave people. The Kingdom of Satan (illuminati) created democracy countries in Europe and United States, they also created Communist countries in China, southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. The illuminati played both sides. For more than 100+ years America has been the root of all evil. Most of the high ranking members and the children of the illuminati (Bilderberg Group) are living in America. They use America to create communist countries, and third world countries world wide to enslave 7+ Billion people. The Bilderberg Group wanted to create an illusion that America is the good guys and other countries are the bad guys (that's because their stupid children are hiding and living in America). In reality, America is the bad guy. America is own by the Kingdom of Satan known as the United Kingdom (UK). If you are an American, then Queen Dracula Elizabeth II is your supreme ruler. Betray the Kingdom of Satan, and I will spare your soul from going to Hell after you die. The Devil worshipers cult illuminati (Bilderberg Group) created America to be the land of the damned, the home of the wicked beasts. America is the place where you must convert your little children, nieces, and nephews into whores, and male gigolos.

    Fact in history:
    On September 15 Rhode Island rejected the proposed amendment on "Title of Nobility"
    •  There is a possibility that God wanted this land (America) to have Kings and Queens to rule it. 
    Cuong Truong's thought: All of these coincidences is a way that a real GOD telling the humans that he does exist and that the humans can actually grow old and go to Heaven or Hell. More than 2 Billion people died in WWI and WWII. That's too many people died in a such a short time frame, that's why a real God in Heaven created these coincidence. For some strange reasons, fate brought me to America (the Belly of the Beast). I'm sure that a real GOD created me so that I can become a worthy opponent for Prince William when he becomes the luciferian King of the devil worshipers cult Illuminati. My existence on earth is kind of a like a great haunting. It's sort of a way of letting the stupid American (non-awaken) people know that they are currently living in America as in an artificial Hell on Earth. While living in an artificial Hell on Earth (America), they must send their 17 years old children to join the Satanic army (US military) to rape and kill innocent men, women, and children world wide. After the Americans grow old and die off, their souls get to go to a real Hell. Think of America as a theatrical teaser (artificial Hell on Earth), after the teaser they get to see the real movie (meaning) after they die they get to go to a real Hell. If you don't want to go to Hell then you must rise up to fight the devil worshipers cult illuminati (their new disguised name: Bilderberg Group.) If you want your true freedom, you have to buy guns to fight America (The descendants of the 13 Satanic bloodlines, most of the descendants of the 13 Satanic bloodlines are currently hiding in America). America is the Illuminati. That is why you see a lot of buildings in America that have a triangle and a hole in it. They use it to channel evil energy from the Devil. The existence of the illuminati is to serve the Satanic crown that is currently held by Queen Elizabeth II. (Look at the crown of Satan above the circle inside the triangle) For decades, the Kingdom of Satan have used trickery to fool many stupid people world wide. In the modern day, trickery is no longer tolerated. Trickery is consider to be a cowardice act. The purpose of Illuminati members above 33rd degree is to serve Satan. The representation of Satan is the Satanic crown, that's currently being held by Queen Dracula The Eqyptian Pharoah Queen Elizabeth II. That's why the British Pound is worth more than all currencies. All other countries' currencies value must be lower than the British Pound (where the crown of Satan is held); It's luciferians way of creating slavery world wide. This is how the Bilderberg Group (illuminati) create labor scams world wide. That's why they abolish slavery in the UK, and the US. The crown of Satan ordered their minions to place puppets as presidents, governors, ect... in other countries to create slavery world wide. The luciferians created an illusion that they are the good guys. The illuminati have a lot of their children sitting in as board of directors in fortune 500 companies and living in multi-million dollar homes all over America. Right now, American Patriots militia groups and other militia groups all over the world are hunting to kill all illuminati members (also known as Bilderberg Group) in an on going Civil War in America.

    Interesting fact:
    I'm sure God has seen this TV show in space around the year 1994. Show was broadcast in 1993 to 1997. In the 1st episode, you will notice that Lex Luthor is confronted by "The Serpent from the garden of Eden" this foreshadows that Lex Luthor (World's most powerful Billionaires) are high level puppets own by the Devil worshipers cult Illuminati (The Bilderberg Group). You also notice that the serpent backs away in recognition of his minion Lex Luthor. After God saw the TV show, he was touched by the humans love for Aliens from outer space. God sent my soul back to Earth re-create the spectrum of Good and Evil.

    Interesting things:
    - Interesting website The Royal Arks

    < - - -  Oswald von Wolkenstein - Portrait from the Innsbrucker Handschrift, 1432 - wearing the Order of the Dragon chain.

    < - - - This is an early painting of the devil worshipers representing "The One Eye Monster". This painting is worth more than the Mona Lisa. It's currently worth over $5 Billion Euros.

    Some of these are actual prayers from real humans around the world. They sometimes appeared as Fan asked questions.

    Fan asked Question: If God shows up in America, will he be deported?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: For more than 100 years, America has been the headquarter for the devil worshipers cult known as the Illuminati. They've sent the American soldiers to kill innocent people world wide to make money for the Satanic Rothschild family & the Rockefeller family. Family members of the Rothschild & Rockefeller have changed their names, and sit on the board of directors in fortune 500 companies. They usually have a networth of over 20 Billions dollars to their names while the rest of humanity suffer. The Illuminati have infiltrated America in all government levels. Today, the Illuminati have contaminated more than 80% of all Americans (of all age and all race) to worship Lucifer. The letter "L" on the American money means "Lucifer". The phrase "In God We Trust" was really meant to say "In Lucifer we trust". The Luciferian cult Illuminati created Halloween to train all the little children in America to turn into devil worshipers. Lady Gaga was a demonic icon created by the Illuminati and she saids it best "Little Monsters". Yes, America will put God in jail because God poses flight risk and then deport God because he is considered to be an illegal Alien. I guess you can say that I'm in the belly of the beast :)
    Fan asked Question: Why are police so crooked?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: Here's "Common Sense 101" class that were intentionally not taught to you in Pre-school, Highschool, College ect...

    The high ranking members of the devil worshipers cult known as the illuminati have control of unlimited amount of money. In the modern day, they disguised themselves as "The Bilderberg Group". They've killed over 2+ Billion people world wide in WWI and WWII. They are also the ones that will be responsible for an upcoming WW3 to depopulate the planet Earth. Most of their children & grandchildren are currently hiding and living in America. They've created communist countries, and third world countries to enslave 7+ Billion people world wide. In order for them to protect themselves they will put all of their family members related to them by DNA to work in their government, this way it's a lot easier for them to run scams on 7+ billions of people world wide.

    Here is the scale:
    Chain of Commands from Supreme Rulers perspective)

    • Incredibly stupid people they put in: U.S. soldiers. They use these U.S. soldiers not related to them by DNA to kill off other slaves bloodlines in WWI, WWII, and many other fake wars. This process allow the 13 inbred European Bloodlines of the Terrorist organization Illuminati to grow, while they are depopulate the other bloodlines not related to them by DNA. Of course, they control these stupid U.S. soldiers by putting their family members holding a higher rank in the U.S. Military.
    • Stupid family members they put in: Actors, Actresses, Musicians, News reporters,  to distract the public.
    • Not so smart family members they put in: Police, IRS, Sargents, Captains in U.S. Military and low level public service employees.
    • Fairly smart family members they put in: FBI, CIA, MI6, NSA, Generals in U.S. Military.
    • Smart family members they put in: Presidents, Vice presidents, Governors, Senators, Congress, Judges, ect...
    • Super smart family members they put in: Big fortune 500+ companies, Board of directors, CEO, CFO, ect...

    To fill in the positions of more police, they hired stupid humans that will take their orders. Most of the police officers are crooked because they were either jealous or not properly house trained by the devil worshipers cult illuminati.

    They've illustrated this chain of command to you in a fictional movie called "Harry Potter". Where there is a magical hat that picks which one of the children of the 13 inbred European Bloodlines of the Terrorist organization Illuminati will belong in their chain of command through a segregation process known as "schools". In example: Military schools to create officers, Business schools to create billionaires, Scientist schools to create bio-weapons, weapons of mass destruction, ect...

    Fan asked Question: I'm an American, what do you think the devil worshipers cult Illuminati wanted with my children?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: They want you to house train your children to worship the Devil and to be Evil starting in preschool, middle school, highschool and college through the following steps.
    Fan asked Question: Who are the high ranking devil worshipers in Illuminati?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: The high ranking members of the devil worshipers cult Illuminati is listed here, they are the current multi-Billionaires that run scams on humanity. They like to have the most amount of money so that it is much easier for them to turn people into their slaves. It's a list of all the current slave owners. They are related to each other through arranged marriage, they are the descendants of the "13" evil Satanic bloodlines. They are responsible for deaths of billions of people world wide in WWI and WWII. They created world wars to depopulate people.
    Question from a fan: 
    Can you show me how to fight the Devil worshipers cult Illuminati?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer:
    Whether it is by chance or by fate that you've accidentally stumbled upon my personal diary. Should you choose to accept then by the power of God vested in me, I, the Son of God dub thee as one my Knights; you may rise. One for all and all for One. Thousands of years of ago, women can't become Knights because it requires them to wield a sword, or a heavy axe to strike down opponents. In the modern day, the women can become Knight because they can just point and shoot using a gun. Yes, a female can be one of my Knights as well. I will grant you a special power beyond any men, women, or children can comprehend. A special ability that allows you to manifest yourself beyond your weak human form. I was born a man, so I rarely use the title that a real God gave me. It could be because I'm human and lazy, but the fact of the matter is I was born poor and I have limited resources to fight them. Therefore, I create Knights to help the humans out. There was one particular TV show that I like. It's called "CHUCK". In this TV show the character accidentally stumbled upon a software for his mind, the software is known as the Intersect.

    The Intersect is pieces of images
    that the human's subconscious mind (psychic activity just below the level of awareness) stored in their brain thru out his life cycle from living life to watching movies, TV, ect...

    I, your King, tell you this: You can program your subconscious mind to manifest yourself beyond your weak human form. To do so, you must choose a superhero (Legend of the Seeker, Hulk, Merlin, Meet Joe Black, Spiderman, Elektra, Batman, Chun Li, The Incredibles, Cat Woman, Ironman, Arrow, Last Action Hero, GI Joe, Punisher, Spartacus, ect...) If you run out of superheroes then use the Spandex Man (coming to give them a good spanking) or a supervillain (Hitler, Count Dracula, Hitman, Scarface, Spawn 'a converted high level demon from Hell', Sandman, Bane, ect...) character from your favorite movies or TV shows. Assemble the intersect by yourself by browsing through other superhero or supervillain profiles. Yes, you can mix and match certain character traits to create a perfect match for your character. Your alternate universe manifestation form will help you fight the Illuminati. However you choose to assemble the intersect in your mind, I will leave that to you. 

    For the last 50+ years, the Luciferian Queen of the Illuminati (The Egyptian Pharaoh Queen Elizabeth II) ordered her Luciferian Knights Evelyn de Rothschild and David Rockefeller to infiltrate your country (which ever country you live in). They ordered their minions to sit in big companies in your country to make the people living in your country stupid. They've already poisoning your food and water supplies to make your parents and you stupid so that you can't fight them. When you are stupid, it is easier for them to make money off of you. Their minions in big companies have more than 10 Billion US dollars to their names, and they use that money to fund politicians in your country so that they can use their puppet politicians to control the stupid people in your country. It is the only reason why I will give you this gift, so that you can manifest yourself beyond your weak human form and be able to fight them.

    The best way to beat them is by having 7+ Billions of people on your side. Send bulk emails, door to door flyers, to everyone and tell them to help you defeat the Devil worshipers cult known as the Illuminati, only then, will you have your chance of winning.

    A real God awaken me; and now I'm awaken, I will charge you "my knights" with the duty to awaken 7+ Billion people world wide.

    This is a game of skill. Welcome to the real Olympic game of God. Let the battle for your souls begins. #TeamGod vs #TeamSatan

    I will leave it to fate to create the knights.
    Public Notice: I've blessed my personal diary so that it will magically travel in the cyberspace to find my Knights. The Knights will be created by fate.

    Bible passage:
    Ephesians 6:10-11: “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes."

    Fan asked Question: Why does God created the spectrum of Good and Evil?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: I am meant to be King of people my age and all the new born babies that worship God. Prince William & Prince Harry are meant to become King of everyone born in 1982 and all the new born babies that worship the Devil. No humans know if God is good or evil. According to good people God is good; according to evil people, God is evil. Humans have a choice to choose to be Good or Evil.

    Bible passage:

     Mathews 5:37
    Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.
    Translation: You must choose your spectrum. There is no in between.
    Fan asked Question: How will you help me fight the devil worshipers cult illuminati?
    His majesty the King Cuong Truong's answer: As for now, I, your King cannot collect taxes from people (who worship God) in America because the devil worshipers cult illuminati is at large. However, I will create many Knights through fate and charge them with the duties of using their own personal resources (their own money, resource, and their own knowledge) to help you fight the devil worshipers cult illuminati.
    Fan asked Question: I'm a devil worshiper do you hate me? Will I go to Hell?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: I don't hate anyone. It is the humans duty to help and serve themselves. Along time ago, God was a very strict being. He has many strict rules, over a long period of time, humans have changed and I'm sure God has changed his mind as well about his strict rules. Let's just say that he's more lenient about letting your soul go to Heaven. To answer your question, you will not go to Hell if you have sinned because I know that you lied to Satan's descendants and pretended to worship him because you wanted sex, money, fame, ect... The only way you will go to Hell is if you decided to embrace the Devil and become a mass murderer and deny God.
    Only the 13 Satan's bloodline (Satan's family members related by blood) will go to Hell because they've been inbreeding for centuries to keep that bloodline and bond with Satan strong. Satan does not want to spend an eternity in Hell alone, he wanted his bloodline (his family members, this is how Satan have a hold over them) to go to Hell and keep him company for an eternity. With this bloodline that Satan have on his offsprings no Angels can break that chain. Their souls are bound to Satan forever. When his descendants die and go to hell, the Devil will have sex with his descendants, both males and females. He prefers to have sex with his own family members. I guess you can say that it's his absolute pride.
    Most soul binding techniques that Satan use on a human can easily be broken by the Angels.
    I know it's not fair for you to be born in the Satan's bloodline that's why God will allow you to enter heaven. To break a magical bond, you need to pay a magical price. This form of magical price is known as 'betrayal'

    If you are a Devil worshiper or Satan's descendant you can be redeem if you betray Satan and deny your heritage. The only way the Angels can break the Satan's bloodline soul-bind is when Satan rejects his offspring. You must make Satan reject you or your soul will never be able to go to Heaven. You must trace Satan's family bloodline and reveal all of their real evil plans and their names (including the names of their extended families, their children, and grandchildren so the public can keep watch on them), (their pictures, and the amount of money they have) (also their current occupations) to the world. Only then, you can be redeem. Here's a little magic I can give you to use to hide your identity from the world should you choose to betray Satan. You can buy a voice changer (spy gadget) to disguise your voice, and make videos (go to a random wireless hotspot to upload them) revealing their evil plans and their real identities to the world. Think of this little Earth magic that I gave you as the cloak of invisibility.
    Fan asked Question: I'm a musician, but my boss makes me sing negative songs. What should I do?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: Duh, as long as you work for him you will always be obligated to obey his rules. I think God's angels left a secret message on Earth and it goes something like "Fire your boss, and make money in your underwear" I don't think they mean to literally become an underwear super model. But all jokes aside, I think a musician can write any songs they want, because good music is good music it doesn't have to be about God or Devil worship or negative things for it to sell. Bottom line is a good song and a great singer will always sell.
    Fan asked Question: How come you are not a Billionaire?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: If I wanted to, I can exercise my divine birth right from God to raise an army and execute the super rich people (Zillionaire, Trillionaires and Billionaires in British Pound & US currency) (Aldobrandini family, Percy family, Breakspear family, Rosenberg family, Rockefeller family and Satanic Rothschild family) that are Illuminati devil worshipers and take their money by force. Those high ranking devil worshipers are condemned by God for an eternity, they will never be able to go to heaven. But, I'm a nice guy, that is why I am not a Billionaire or a Trillionaire.

    Fan asked Question: Why are so many U.S. troops dying in America?
    Anonymous' answer: A few awaken U.S. military men and the general public are now buying guns; they are hunting to kill high ranking members of the illuminati & the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of the Bilderberg group (to end their legacy) for using their family members in World War I, World War II, and many other fake wars world wide to commit mass genocide world wide. The awaken humans are also burning down multi-million dollars houses all over America. Only a few brave U.S. military men rise up to fight the illuminati but failed and were executed just like Aaron Swartz. They were given shame deaths known as suicide.
    Video source:

    Click here to learn more about the ongoing Civil War in America
    Fan asked Question: Are you offended by all the false messiahs on Earth?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: I'm aware that there are many other people that looks like Jesus and claim to be Jesus. No, I'm not offended. As long as you do good deeds on Earth instead of artificial good deeds. Artificial good deeds is define as bankrupting countries, and killing people world wide; then create non-profit organizations to extract more money from people and shows up as a savior to save them by providing food aids, or other benefits. To truly do good deeds on Earth, you must identify the real source of evil and exterminate it by all means necessary. Only then, will your soul be able to go to heaven.
    Fan asked Question: What do you think about these non-profit organizations such as the red cross, ect...?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: Before you donate money to them, make sure you track down the owner(s) or board of directors of those non-profit organizations do a DNA check on the owner(s) to see if they are related to evil people (Satan's descendants or Devil worshipers) in this world and you will know the truth. It is always better that you create your own non-profit organization and hire your own team of people to run it. 503c non-profit organization in the U.S.A. are own and operated by the 13 inbred Terrorist European Bloodlines of the terrorist organization Illuminati.
    Fan asked Question: What do you think about these banks running scams by issuing 10000 times more money in loans than the amount of Gold they own?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: Track down all Illuminati banks and close your accounts, and put your money in other good banks. You should notify every law enforcement agency in your country and seize their profits. Tell your country to either throw them all in jail or take at least 50% of all the profits that they make from their scams. Your country can use those money to help out your people.
    Fan asked Question: Why is Gold price too expensive?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: I, your King tell you this: Gold is real money. In the old days, people use Gold, Silver as a way to buy stuff. In the modern day, the Devil worshipers figured out a way to create a system to enslave all men, women, and children through their use of paper money and digital number in your bank account. With paper money or digital number in bank accounts, they can print themselves unlimited amount of money as they want; they can also give themselves (their children, grandchildren) digital numbers as high as they like to appear in their own bank accounts and the humans are just too stupid to know the difference. You should get your government (third party audit firm, not own by them) to check the banks' Gold to make sure that they have enough Gold to backup the digits (money) that they claim to have. Bottom line is, without Gold to back it up, they have no money. The best thing to do is tell all your friends & family to close out their bank accounts that is own by the illuminati and choose to bank some where else. The reason why the U.S.A. has 14+ Trillion dollars in debt is because they're running a scam. They just go on a printing spree, the USA knows that it has no intention of paying back that debt. The rest of the humans are just too stupid to know the difference. You need to have real Gold, if you don't own real Gold you're just an idiot living in "lala land" walking around with paper money that have satanic symbols on it. Without having Gold, you have no money! Gold price is skyrocketing because people are awake and know that Gold is 100% real money. No one can print Gold. In the future, when you buy goods and services from other countries, your country would have to deliver real Gold to the other country. Billions of people world wide have awaken to the fact that the U.S. dollar have satanic symbols printed on them. Most countries all over the world have labeled the U.S. currency a joke. They have also labeled the entire country of America as one big joke, and the American people are known as the "stupid Americans". Americans must learn to rise up to fight America (the devil worshipers cult Illuminati 'aka the Bilderberg Group')
    Fan asked Question: Why didn't I hear anything about the Devil worshipers cult Illuminati on the news?
    Actor Tom Truong's answer: The news are own by the Evil Jews regime. They took control of the printer to print themselves unlimited amount of U.S. satanic money so that they can buy up all the companies including all the news companies. They use it to dumb down the American people and other people all over the world. This is a video that cleverly reveals it to you. Other video.

    Here are a few videos about the Devil worshipers cult Illuminati (Bilderberg Group) dumb down 7+ Billion people world wide using Flouride and MSG. (Bottle water with Fluoride)

    How will the illuminati monitor the internet?
    The illuminati will most likely create an exact clone of the internet that is running parallel to the real internet. This will give the illuminati complete control over the internet. When a viewer is visiting a website, they are actually viewing an exact clone of the website. The clone site has modified contents controlled by the illuminati. They will most likely hire over 1 million people from india, asia, south america, ect... to maintain the clone version of the internet. For example: If the internet has 2 pipes with over 2 Billion web pages. The clone internet will also have the exact 2 pipes and 2 Billion web pages or less. (except, the contents of the cloned version of the internet will most likely have modified 'controlled' contents). Who will most likely be accessing the clone version of the internet? The illuminati will most likely choose a small country in europe where they will dump all of the children of the 13 bloodlines there. Only the children of the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati that live in that small country can access the clone version of the internet. This type of censorship is known as "Quality over Quantity". This is the best way that the elders of the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati can maintain trickery with their children that they are the good guys. Currently, the illuminati might be experimenting with CloudFare. CloudFare might be the one that they are using to to control the internet at this early stage of developing the clone.
    Are you currently getting paid right now?
    Obviously, the central banks do not give me Trillions of their scam U.S.D. currency for me to have buying power inside their scam financial system. Ever since I was 17 years old, I've been working for Free helping the American Patriots Militia Groups promoting the ongoing Civil War in America (American Patriots vs The 13 inbred European Bloodlines of the Terrorist organization Illuminati). The Illuminati is not paying me any money nor do they have any plans of making me the King of America. I'm a good King so there is no way they will be making me the King of America, they want the USA to be rule by extremely evil King & Queen. Most of the politicians you see on TV running for President, Vice president ect... Those are just for show, they are just puppets. I can assure you that your vote never count. For the last 50+ years, they've created an illusion to sell the idea to you that your vote can actually make a difference. Those puppets are all pre-pick. Most Americans are now hunting to kill illuminati members all over the USA to take back their country.

    My political campaign is self funded. I'm not currently getting paid from tax payers, the IRS is own by the Illuminati. All taxes collected in America goes to the Bilderberg Group (Illuminati). All Americans living in the USA must pay their taxes to the Kings & Queens of Europe (Central Banks). They are known as the current Rulers of the USA.  They've setup a private organization known as the IRS to collect the taxes. In 1776, this is known as taxation without representation.
    I want to make easy money, can you show me how?
    There is a movement against the scam U.S.D. world wide. People are now rising up against central bankers. Many countries joined forces to shut down the scam U.S.D. as the world reserve currency. They are developing cryptocurrency for their citizens to use. It's a form of decentralized currency.

    Step 1:
     - Go to,, to hire a computer programmer that's fluent in C programming language. As a project manager, you can keep up to 10% pre-mined coins.

    Step 2:
     - Promote your cryptocurrency world wide. As more people like your cryptocurrency and use it, you should see its value increase more than 100,000 %

    Which one is true? Creation or Evolution?
    The correct answer is creation. As mankind become smarter, they will try to create new species in a lab. That is the moment mankind will realize that the humans & other species on Earth were once created by superior one known as God (illegal Aliens from outer space). As of now, mankind is in an early stage of experimenting with DNA splicing, DNA manipulation.

    Is immortality possible?
    Yes. If God allows me to grant mankind immortality then around the year 2020 I will contact a country on Earth to finance me and I will form a special company that will create immortality.
    I know there are plenty of perverted Disney subliminal messages all over the internet. But, what are other hidden subliminal messages out there?
    All trickery in the USA is gone. Every men, women, and children all over the USA must know their place. These are a few powerful hidden subliminal messages through time.
    • Anyone who try to rule the jews that are not selected by the Evil Jews regime to rule to jews will be nail to the cross. Apparently, the jews can only be rule by the Evil jews regime. Not even Jesus is allow to rule to Jews. The Evil Jews regime illustrated this to you in the bible, where Pilate was bought and paid for by the Evil Jews regime to nail Jesus to the cross. Adolf Hitler also learned his lesson.
    •  Anyone who try to rule the muslims that's not from the bloodline of Mohammad will be introduce to the simple concept known as "Allahu Akbar"
    •  Anyone who try to rule the vampires that's not from the bloodline of Dracula will be impaled.
    Where do you think the future of computing is heading?
    The future of operating system does not require the user to type in anything. It's called the AIOS (which stands for Artificial Intelligence Operating System). The user just speak it, and the computer does everything.

    What is the hidden meaning of the movie "The Number 23"?
    If you are a puppet bought and paid for by the Devil worshipers cult, you can use that movie as a guide to help you figure out the exact date when they will kill you. All Illuminati puppets are expendable.
    Can this ongoing Civil War in America be stop?
    The ongoing Civil War in America cannot be stop, it can only be delay. To delay it, you must pay a magical price. A magical price is not the same as any other price tag. It cannot be paid using tangible assets such as: Gold, Silver, or the scam U.S.D. currency from the terrorist organization Federal Reserve. This magical price is the deaths of your children, nieces, and nephews. In other words, if you attempt to delay this ongoing Civil War in America, your little children, your little nieces, or your little nephews will have to fight the 13 inbred Terrorist European Bloodlines in the future for their independence. If you think you have a better fighting chance than your little children, little nieces, or little nephews. Then, it is your duty to do your best to win this Ongoing Civil War in America against the 13 inbred Terrorist European Bloodlines. You must defeat them in a war that's the only way they will retreat to recoup. As you can see, the 13 inbred Terrorist European Bloodlines have been defeated in 1776, they are dishonorable men and women, that's why they ignored their defeat, rise up, and occupy America again.